02.11.2017 – New App Features!

As announced in our last newsletter, the release of SPOTTERON 2.x introduced several new cool functionalities into the CrowdWater App:

In this panel, all activity comes together and you can see whats new in your network and it also integrates direct messages from us.
You can now comment on spots and updates. Below every spot, there are now tabs with a comments section and the update grid.
You can now like spots (by giving a heart) and also comments.
You can now follow other users to display their ongoing activity in the newsfeed panel.
User Search
You can now search for other users and add them to your network by following or unfollow them.
All community based actions are combined with a notification system on the smartphones, which keeps you informed about new activities.

We are very happy about this step forward to create a citizen science platform, which is not only about collecting data by the help of you, the Citizen Scientists, but also to immerse all of you in the science project and to create a real social experience in citizen science. We hope you like the new features just as much as we do!