Start Screen

At the top right you can find the newsfeed, the collection of your spots, your badges and your profile details. You can also find the citizen scientists you follow and who follow you here.

In the filter area you can filter the spots on the map according to the different categories. With the Reset button you can cancel this filtering.

Here the observations of the app are listed chronologically. You can expand the header to display the entries according to current visibility.

Here you can create a new spot. Attention: Do not use this plus sign for updates of existing spots!

Here you can find the leaderboard – per week, per month, per year or in total.

In the main menu you will find information about the project. You can also upload your waiting spots, save spots and map sections offline, and change the language and background map. 

Tap a spot to view the data or add a new observation.

Use the telescope icon to search for places and addresses. Use the crosshairs to centre the map on your current location (activate location services).

Social Media

There are several opportunities to interact with other citizen scientists:

  • Like observations or comments: If you like a spot, a new measurement or a comment, show it to the others by clicking on the heart symbol.
  • Comment observations: You can comment observations of others and yourself.
  • Follow / Unfollow others: Follow other users, so you don’t miss any of their contributions. They will be shown in your newsfeed. Click their profile picture and then hit the FOLLOW button. In the same way you can also unfollow them. In the menu you can search other users by their username across all SPOTTERON apps.

Per contribution (new spot or spot update) in the CrowdWater app you receive one point. When you reach a certain amount of points you will be rewarded with a badge and a fun fact. The more contributions you have made, the harder it is to get new badges and sometimes they come unexpected. These are the first nine badges. Discover more!