New features July 2021

We are happy to present the new features in the CrowdWater app! Many thanks to Spotteron for their great efforts on this app release.

New Language Russian

Thanks to Gulbara Omorova, Chachykei Abdieva and Jens Mingram, who translated the CrowdWater app to Russian! We hope to reach another region in the world with this extension.

Temporary Streams

If a temporary stream is coverd by snow or ice, this can be indicated with a new checkbox. Additionally, the fifth class “trickling water” has been re-named in the German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian version of the app. This class should be used when there is only little flow in the stream (see pictures).

Stream Type

The question if one would swim in the stream is posed clearer now: One should take this decision considering the water quality and not the depth of the water.

Time Series made easier

It is easier now to add a new observation to an existing spot. As soon as a spot is open, the large plus sign at the lower end of the display turns from a “New Spot” plus sign into an “Update Spot” plus sign. 

Map visualisations

It is possible now to display the distribution of the spots as a heat map and with dots.