Jana Erdbrügger, 2024

Jana published a video paper with amazing visualizations of data similar to those collected with the CrowdWater app. For her data acquisition on temporary streams and soil moisture in northern Sweden, she used a visual approach, similar to that of CrowdWater.

Anja Fischer, 2024

Anja researched temporary streams on Züriberg in Zürich, Switzerland, where there are also a lot of CorwdWater spots. She compared her observations to those of citizen scientists who used the app. She also measured discharge and electric conductivity. This data will be of great help for future work on temporary streams. Here is the link to her Master thesis.

María Jimena Henao Salgado, 2024

In her internship, María Jimena trained a computer program to estimate the height of the virtual staff gauge in the CrowdWater images in meters with the help of AI (Artificial intelligence). Here she presents her work.

Sophia Sonak, 2024

Sophia wrote her Master thesis about citizen science and temporary streams. She asked managers at nature parks in Switzerland and southern Germany whether they monitor temporary streams and their opinions on citizen science.

Camila Bañales-Seguel, 2023

Camila did her PhD at the University of Concepción (Chile) and studied the Queuco River in the Mapuche indigenous territory in southern Chile. The community used CrowdWater to continue the monitoring despite the COVID-19 pandemic. To make their CrowdWater spot more noticeable, they painted the bridge pillar. You might have seen this spot – for example in this newsletter.

Wang Ze, 2023

Wang Ze was a visiting PhD student and applied deep learning techniques to the images of the virtual staff gauge category. The goal was to estimate the water level based on the images uploaded via the app. You can find his paper here.

Kris Stepenuck, 2022-2023

Kris was a visiting researcher from the University of Vermont (USA). She wanted to find out if professionals are interested in observations by citizen scientists, especially during dry periods. She conducted interviews with people working on different aspects of water management. There is an interview where she explains more about her work in this newsletter.

Alain Appel, 2021

Alain wrote a Master thesis with the title: “Citizen Science in environmental research: increase participation through an interactive design”. In his work, he also included the CrowdWater project.

Nicole Ulrich, 2021

Nicole’s bachelor thesis is entitled: “The dialog between science and society in Citizen Science at the example of CrowdWater”.

Josep Fortesa, 2020

Josep looked at the sediment transport in temporary streams on Mallorca. To help observe these streams, he used the CrowdWater app. You can read about some of his research here.