WhatsApp Sticker

You can download our Droppy WhatsApp stickers here: https://stick.rs/droppy

To be able to add the Droppy stickers to WhatsApp or iMessage you will need a sticker maker app (e.g. Sticker Maker Studio). Some Droppy sticker examples are shown in the picture below.


  1. Click on the Link 
  2. Click on “Install Stickers” 
  3. If needed, download a Sticker Maker App (e.g. Sticker Maker Studio)
  4. Click on “Add to WhatsApp” (or “Add to iMessage”) in the Sticker Maker App 
  5. Click on “Save” or “Add”
  6. Access the stickers via WhatsApp (or iMessage) 
  7. Share the stickers with your friends 😉

If you have any problems or questions feel free to send an email to info@crowdwater.ch.