The Emschergenossenschaft (EC) and the Lippeverband (LV) are official water management associations. As public corporations, they are responsible for water maintenance, wastewater discharge and treatment, groundwater management and the regulation of the consequences of mining (Wikipedia). To expand their conventional measurement methods and achieve a higher spatial resolution of the observations, they also rely on citizen science through a cooperation with CrowdWater. This enables additional data to be obtained and the general public to be involved in the process.

Fundación Naturaleza, El Salvador

In January 2023, we conducted a workshop in collaboration with Fundación Naturaleza El Salvador. This workshop took place in the community of El Zonte, where we shared knowledge and experiences with a community group that is doing water quality monitoring of El Zonte River. The participants of this workshop learned about the use of the CrowdWater app as a tool to complement their regular physical-chemical measurements with virtual water level measurements (virtual staff gauge).

Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam

The German GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ is researching the geosphere, so all solid material (rocks) on and within the Earth. With that they also look at the different systems and cycles and their interwebbed causation and effects. Within their organization they also have a hydrology section, which placed information boards in Kyrgistan to measure lake levels with the virtual staff gauge. To enable more people to use the CrowdWater app they provided Russian and Kyrgyz translations.

Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin

As part of the A4GD project of the Berlin Centre of Competence for Water, a cooperation with CrowdWater has been established. This collaboration includes the expansion of the CrowdWater app, particularly concerning lakes. The aim is to monitor the water quality and availability of small urban lakes in Berlin that would otherwise not be measured.

Observatorio Ciudadano del Agua of Liberia River, Costa Rica

In collaboration with the Centre of Water Resources for Central America and the Caribbean (HIDROCEC-National University of Costa Rica), the Citizen Water Observatory of the Liberia River has been using the CrowdWater app for its regular monitoring activities since 2022. If you want to know more about this group, visit their Facebook page.

Río Urbano 

Río Urbano is a non-governmental organization dedicated to education, training and citizen empowerment for care and recovery of urban rivers in San José, Costa Rica. In January 2024, this organization conducted training workshops with a civil society to teach people how to use the CrowdWater app. In March 2024, we organized an online educational talk, “CrowdWater: Citizen Science in hydrology”. Since then, different community groups and individuals have started using the CrowdWater app for river monitoring. If you are interested in this talk, you can view the recording on YouTube.

TEVU (Transición hacia una Economía Verde Urbana), Costa Rica

In January 2023, we had a workshop in collaboration with the TEVU project (Transición a una Economía Verde Urbana) where several local committees and civil society participated and learned how to use the CrowdWater app. Since then, this project has conducted several training workshops in different communities and uses the CrowdWater app as a tool to promote public participation in the monitoring of urban rivers in San Jose, Costa Rica.

University Concepción, Chile

During 2020-2022 the group Malen Leubü from Alto Biobio in collaboration with the University of Concepción, Chile conducted a water level monitoring in the Queuco River. Under the coordination of Camila Bañales Seguel, this group used the CrowdWater app to collect weekly and monthly water level data with the virtual staff gauge. If you are interested to know more about this project and experience with CrowdWater, you can learn more in this video: