Temporary stream

Here you will find a description of how to create a new spot in the category “temporary stream”. Temporary streams are streams that occasionally dry up. If you know that the stream at your location has flowing water all through the year, please use the virtual staff gauge category to report the water level instead.
Make sure your GPS is turned on (in the settings outside the app).

Check that the location of the crosshairs matches your location. If not, drag the crosshairs to the correct location.


Take a picture of the site and mark the exact location of your observation using the arrow and/or the circle. This way, others can see where exactly you made the observation.

How would you characterize the stream? How much water is flowing at the moment? Choose one of the six classes below:

  • DRY STREAMBED: no visible water and the streambed is dry
  • WET STREAMBED: no visible water, but the streambed is wet (for at least 2 cm depth below the surface)
  • ISOLATED POOLS: separated pools of water that are not visibly flowing are present on the streambed
  • STANDING WATER: water but no visible flow
  • TRICKLING WATER: very small flow, but clearly visible flowing water
  • FLOWING WATER: a continuous pathway of water that is flowing

If the stream is covered with snow or ice, activate the checkbox here.

Enter a description of the exact location of the spot, so that other participants can find it more easily. Check that the time and date match the time of the observation.

Don’t forget to save your observation. If you are not connected to the internet, you can tap the hourglass. Your observation will then be saved under “waiting spots” and you can upload it later.

For a new observation, all you need to do is to select an existing spot, click on the plus sign and then repeat steps to .