Plastic Pollution: New Spot

You have two possibilities to track plastic pollution. One is to observe floating plastic on the river and the other one to observe plastic on the shore. Of the steps below, only steps 4 and 5 differ for the two options. Floating plastic is referred to as path A (steps A4 and A5), plastic on the shore as path B (steps B4 and B5).

Make sure the coordinates are correct. Otherwise drag the map to your location.


Take a new picture or choose one from your album. The picture should show where you did the measurement. Maybe you can even show the plastic pieces you saw.

If you want to count floating plastic pieces, press “floating plastic”. Here you can also make a tick if the river is stagnant.

Write down for how many minutes you were observing plastic pieces (we recommend an observation time of 2 to 15 minutes) and which proportion of the river width you were considering.

If you want to count plastic pieces on the shore, press “plastic on shore”.

Choose the distance along which you counted plastic pieces. The shore-width that you observe should roughly cover the height of the regular water level fluctuations.

Choose the corresponding button to the amount of plastic pieces you counted.

Here you can write down comments, for example how to get to your spot. This will make it easier for other users to update your spot.

If you want to, you can give some more information about the observed type of plastic.

If you have removed the plastic, put a tick here.

Do not forget to save your spot.
New observation: All you need to do is select an existing spot, click on the plus sign and then repeat the necessary steps.