CrowdWater has its own youtube channel.

What is CrowdWater? Take a look at this video to find out.

There are many reasons why you should contribute to CrowdWater. Look at this video with Marco Rima and many citizen scientists to get convinced.

In these two videos, Droppy shows you how you can initialize or update a spot.

The next two videos show how to observe waterlevels with the CrowdWater App. In the first video, a spot gets initialized, in the second a spot gets updated. The videos are in German.

For advanced citizen scientists there is the possibility to estimate the streamflow at the observation site. You can see in the following video how to do this (in German).

There are also videos for the categories “soil moisture” and “temporary stream”. You can see some explanations (in German) in the four videos below.

Are you unsure about how to use the app? Perhaps the two following videos can help you. The first one is a summary, the second is a documentation about a day in the field with CrowdWater.

You can also contribute to CrowdWater without leaving your home. Play the CrowdWater Game and win one of the prizes. How does the CrowdWater Game work? Take a look at the following video.

Barbara and Simon had to defend their PhD virtually on 18 March 2020. The advantage: You can watch the presentations as often as you like! Find below the videos!

Guest talk of Jan, accompanied by Droppy, about CrowdWater for Science Lab UZH: Artenvielfalt im Irchelpark. Digital meeting (in German).

Guest talk of Jan: Citizen Science Seminar: Was(ser) können wir alle beobachten – Erfahrungen aus dem CrowdWater Projekt, Digital meeting (in German).