Stream Type

Here you find a description of how to create a new spot in the category “stream type”. You can create such a spot for any watercourse. Make sure that your GPS is switched on (in the settings outside the app).

Check that the location of the crosshairs matches your location. If not, drag the crosshairs to the correct location.


Take a photo of the stream or select one of your photos from the album. The picture should show where you made the observation. Thus it is useful if it includes a prominent feature, such as a tree, big rock, wall or bridge.

Indicate the size of the watercourse. The classes are only approximate, so there is no wrong answer.

Answer some questions about the quality of the water. Is the water clean enough that you would drink it? Is it clean enough that you would swim in it if it was safe to do so? Only consider the water quality for this question, that is ignore other safety aspects such as animals, rapid flow or the presence of big ships in this question. Also indicate whether the watercourse looks more natural or more human controlled. You can also indicate the type of river bed material and the colour of the water. Can you see the river bed? Can you see fish or other living beings in the water? After you have answered these questions, you can record the presence of pollution.

Does this water body carry water all year round? If you know that this is not the case, you can indicate this here.

If the water body has a name and you know it, you can write it down here.

Enter a description of the exact location of the spot, so that other participants can find it more easily. Check that the time and date match the time of the observation.

Don’t forget to save your observation. If you are not connected to the internet, you can tap the hourglass. Your observation will then be saved under “waiting spots” and you can upload it later.

For a new observation, all you need to do is to select an existing spot, click on the plus sign and then repeat steps and to .