Stream Type: New Spot

Make sure the coordinates are correct. Otherwise drag the map to your location.


Take a new picture or choose one from your album. The picture should show where you did the measurement.

Now you need to answer several questions about your observed stream: How large is it? Is the water clean enough to drink it? Is it clean enough to swim in the stream? Furterhmore, you can upload information about the type of river bed material and the colour of the water. Can you see the riverbed? Can you see fishes or other living beings? After answering these questions, you can write down if you see any pollution in the stream as well as if the stream dries out sometimes. If you know the name of the stream, you can note it as well.

In the comment field, there is space for your remarks. Don’t forget to save your spot in the end.
New observation: All you need to do is select an existing spot, click on the plus sign and then repeat the necessary steps.