Virtual Staff Gauge (Water Level): New Spot

Attention: This category used to be called “water level” and was renamed in April 2020. The functionality remains exactly the same as with the old category.

Below you can find a step-by-step description of how to create a new spot in the “virtual staff gauge” category. Find a suitable location next to a river and make sure that your GPS is switched on (in the settings outside the app).

Make sure the coordinates are correct. Otherwise drag the map to your location.


Take a new photo or select one that you have taken before from your album. Ideally there will be some kind of structure or something that other users can use as a reference for the water level measurement in the picture. Try looking for big boulders in the river, a wall on the opposite side of the river, bridge pillars or anything else that will most likely not move in the near future and catches your eye. Important: the photo of the location has to be taken perpendicular, i.e. in a 90° angle to the river flow direction, facing the opposite river bank!

Once you have taken the picture, the image editor opens up and you can insert the staff gauge. Take a look at this video to get an impression how this might look like.


You have three different staff gauges. Before you choose try to decide if the river is currently at low, medium or high flow. Choose the corresponding staff gauge from the bottom of the image editor. If you are in doubt, just choose the yellow (middle) staff gauge.

 Insert the staff gauge. Adjust its size with two fingers. It should be easy to see the staff gauge. However, if it is too large, it will be difficult to monitor any variations. It’s better to have a small staff gauge. You can adjust the location with one finger, so that the zero line is at the current water level.

In the comment field you can describe the spot. Tell the others how they can find the spot and the exact location from where you took the picture.

You can then either click on SAVE to register the spot, on the hourglass to upload it later or continue by scrolling down to advanced options and estimate the streamflow at the current spot.