How do I join?


You can login here to get to your spots or to enter a new observation via browser. If this is the first time you contribute to the CrowdWater project, you can create an account on this site.

These things do also work in the CrowdWater app for iOS (on the left) and Android (on the right).


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How can I help?

  1. With the CrowdWater App you can create virtual stations and send us you estimates and measurements! Download the App today and collect valuable data.
  2. Comparison between the data that you collect and traditionally measured data gets possible if you measure water levels and streamflow at Swiss rivers where there are also gauging stations from the authorities (see map below). The measurement does not need to be taken exactly at the spot where the marker is, but at the same river. Of course you can also do your measurements at other sites all over the world! 
  3. If you would like to help but would prefer to do so from your computer, join the CrowdWater game. By playing the game you help us check the quality of stream level data by comparing pictures.
  4. If you know someone who is interested in hydrology, citizen science or crowdsourcing feel free to recommend our facebook page, share our youtube videos, this homepage or to follow us on twitter and tell them to contribute to the project.
  5. We are always grateful for any feedback on our project! Just write an e-mail to!