CrowdWater – the project

We are very happy about the success of Barbara Strobl and Simon Etter at their PhD defenses on the 18 March. They both gained their PhD with flying colours and we congratulate them sincerely!

Both convinced with their work for the CrowdWater project in the last four years and presented their studies in a fantastic manner. We are very proud of them!

We wish Simon and Barbara all the best, a lot of success and of course a lot of joy in hydrology!

We are looking forward to the next generation of CrowdWater PhD students!

CrowdWater stands for an independent and reliable data collection by citizens  – Citizen Science – for modelling of floods and droughts and as a supplement to consisting measurements. The method is developed scientifically by the Univeristy of Zurich such that it can be applied in remote regions and in developing countries.

The project is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation.